Sasha Chadwick


I have always from a young age watched performances by the Fling Physical Theatre run by Lee Pamberton. Those performances helped me find my own passion for dance! At the age of 11 I joined the younger Fling group and began my training in dance which helped me explore new pathways for expression! Through dance I am able to come closer to who I really am. And through performance I am able to express this new kind of self to others and hopefully inspire others just as I was inspired from the first performance I watched! I am really interested in performance arts especially the type which is open for interpretation! I have been passionate about dance and was apart of the Fling Physical Theatre for about 5 years! My training is mostly in contemporary dance however I have done ballet and a little bit of hip hop!

Mentoring and inspiring young emerging artists

Major Partners and Sponsors

  • Australian National University
  • The Street Theatre
  • Molonglo Group
  • Mundango Charitable Trust
  • Canberra Grammar School
  • Coordinate Agency