Charlotte Martin


Charlotte Martin, known also as her Stage Name ‘Charli K’ participated in the ATYP Project in 2008 and is an avid promoter of the ATY Project. Charlotte is a successful international performer who has performed for many years with Cirque Du Soleil and has been involved in dance, circus and entertainment for over 10 years. As a spokesperson for the Cirque Du Soleil Promotional Team, Charlotte has been involved in countless interviews and press conferences internationally. She has worked and trained with the world’s best trainers, creators and directors and has performed for royalty and numerous celebrities including Beyonce, Shakira, U2 and millions of people worldwide. As a two-­time scholarship winner, successful WAAPA applicant and finalist of the WA Youth Awards, she also takes time to give back to the communities she lives in. Charlotte has organsised and is actively involved in multiple charitable organizations. Following the project Charlotte stated, “the ATY Project gave me the opportunity to be around like-minded people and mentors, which also gave me more self belief, focus and guidance. This made me think about what an amazing program the ATY Project is and inspired me to motivate and help people in different communities along my travels.

Mentoring and inspiring young emerging artists

Major Partners and Sponsors

  • Australian National University
  • The Street Theatre
  • Molonglo Group
  • Mundango Charitable Trust
  • Canberra Grammar School
  • Coordinate Agency